Music is in my blood. From a very early age, i was constantly surrounded by music. So it is no surprise, that i eventually found myself putting together like minded musicians to form a band. The first band was called "THIS WAY UP" , and wasn't very successful with only fifty or so gigs. That band lasted for a year, and the usual infighting that seems to be prolific amongst bands started. This was the beginning of the end for "THIS WAY UP" and the band basically imploded. I turned away from music for a short while trying to figure out my next move, and that next move was to join a band called "APEX". They were a fairly successful band and for a while everything was fine, until the keyboard player and guitarist had a dispute. You can guess the rest ! Not to be put off by this, i put myself on the market once more, and within a month found myself fronting another fairly successful band called "BLISS". That band rumbled on for a few years but the guitarist had other ideas of where he wanted to be. Another one bites the dust as they say!! I was getting tired of bands folding, so persuaded the remaining musicians to form another band, "FINAL SETTLEMENT", and drafted another guitarist. That band was also fairly successful but had a few changes of personnel, so it took six months or so for the band to gel. After a while it became routine, and i guess nobody likes routine, the guitarist left to pursue other avenues while the band carried on with yet another axe player. It takes a lot of organising to keep a band on the road, and i was becoming increasingly irritated with some band members input. Just at the same time i was invited to front a band called "PRIVATE LESSONS". They were a busy band doing the wedding circuit whilst incorporating the usual clubland circuit. I remained with "PRIVATE LESSONS" for just over two years, but i needed a fresh challenge. Looking back, i have had the privilege of working with many talented musicians over the years, and with some reluctance decided to go solo. A new chapter of my singing career was about to commence. 


This was a time of uncertainty. I had left a band that was well established and successful, but, was relishing the challenges yet unknown. I purchased my p.a. and started the task of piecing together a set-list. More difficult than i had imagined, it took about two months of continuous work to get myself on the road again. 

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